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Back To School – Layaway Payments

Please feel free to use LAYAWAY when buying your school uniforms in summer.

Help us to help you and give you the best service possible by coming early to be measured.

If you are worried your child will have a growth spurt and the layaway items not fit, tell me I will happily save 2 sizes and put one back into stock when you pick up but please come early. When I am measuring your child I am measuring for the year.


 How It Works



Come early July as school finishes first
2 weeks of holiday.


 I will measure your child and put whatever you want in a box for you.


Come back mid-August
and onwards to pay.

(if needed pick up and pay the day before school starts as long as you come early to be measured up we don’t mind)


Summer Holidays – Opening Times

9 -5 during the week 
10-4 on Saturday’s

We are often open much later working in the back sewing.


If our opening hours don’t work for you ring me I can arrange an appointment to open later for you if I’m not already working late.

Call: 01942 830 153